Our Batter Buddy


Our autographed batter buddy spiral bound recipe book includes 87 delicious recipes to include (cookies, bars, breads, and cake frosting) that were created using our 24oz cake mix packages. You can also use the recipes for the 12oz cake mix packages, but you must use ½ of the ingredients listed for recipes.
Recipe Tips: 
  • Read the recipe in its entirety before beginning
  • Gather all items needed to complete recipe
  • Always use a timer
  • Liquids should be measured in a glass measuring cup
  • Always pre-heat oven to desired temperature before baking
  • Soak eggs in warm water for 5 minutes for room temperature
  • Microwave milk for 20 seconds to reach room temperature
  • Leave butter outside of refrigerator overnight to soften or soften in microwave
  • Always scrape sides of bowl when mixing to ensure well combined
  • Cool cakes for 10 minutes after taking out of oven before removing from pan
  • Cakes must be completely cooled before icing
  • Oven temperatures vary and so does baking time
  • Place cookies two inches apart to spread while baking
  • Remove cookies from baking pan as soon as you remove from oven onto cooling rack
  • Parchment paper can  be used to line baking pan to replace greased and flour method
  • Share: there's always someone, even if it's a stranger

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